Traditional media cannot be underestimated when it comes to its contribution towards the negative narrative surrounding internet use in Africa. For this reason, Internet4Good involved journalists, media practitioners and enthusiasts, and broadcasters in Accra, Ghana for a 2day workshop. This workshop was aimed at building the capacity of 23 selected participants from seven regions in […]

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Bringing Online Safety to the Next Generation

The internet can be both a beautiful and challenging place, hence there is a need to train and empower young people on internet safety. Internet4Good and Beautiful Minds Africa partnered to host an Online Safety and Craft-making Workshop for the brilliant minds of Speedway Secondary School in Nigeria on June 13th, 2023. This one-of-a-kind event […]

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Internet4Good Media Dialogue

Addressing the African Scammer Stereotype in the Media

To counter the single story of Africans using the internet as a tool for criminality, Internet4Good brought a panel of media professionals to discuss the role the media can play in fostering a more nuanced narrative about the continent. On Thursday, 12 November, 2020, the Internet4Good team with support from iac Berlin hosted the webinar […]

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I4G Video Story Contest

This rise of negative reporting around “African internet scams” has fostered a moral panic around internet use and, in some cases, deprived young Africans from ethical internet-related opportunities. The I4G Video Story Contest therefore encourages young Africans from across the world to share their positive experiences about using the internet to – inspire others and […]

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Internet4Good Campaign

The internet is central to productivity, inclusion and adaptability in the 21st century. In light of the global disruption caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, the internet has become increasingly important. Amidst rising reportage on internet scams in Africa, the Internet4Good programme has launched an advocacy campaign to promote a pro-internet narrative and emphasise the ethical […]

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Internet4Good (I4G) Launches Video Story Contest to Challenge Stereotypes about Young Africans

The Internet4Good (I4G) Video Story Contest is now open for submission. With the aim contribute to a positive narrative about the internet for young Africans, the Internet4Good project launches the I4G Video Story Contest with the support of the Bosch Alumni Network. In recent times, there has arisen a notion that the best thing young […]

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